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About Us

Who We Are

AMS Geek is an experienced provider of cloud-based software services to associations, nonprofits, government and schools. From our leadership to our staff, we’ve worked with and for associations and nonprofits for a combined 60+ years helping organizations achieve their goals and realize their vision through technology.

What We Do

Organizations partner with AMS Geek to implement, integrate, project manage and consult around technology projects.  Working with organizations of all sizes from volunteer run nonprofits to 900+ staff associations, AMS Geek has the market experience and perspective to successfully partner with any nonprofit.

Why We Do It

With our experience in, and passion for working with nonprofits, we believe in the words of our Founder & CEO, Benjamin Muscolino, “working as a for-profit company in the nonprofit space has really been the pleasure of my life”.  The team at AMS Geek feels that the multiplication effect of being able to deliver a small integration project that may allow doctors or children to have greater or faster access to information to serve themselves or each other, or better data flow to a donor management systems to target the right prospective donors to fund a mission, and a hundred other examples, can positively impact millions of people while taking merely hours to deliver this value.  Every engagement, no matter how big or small, is treated as an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the world and the people in it by channeling our talents through our customers and partners.