AMS Fest DC 2019

November 7, 2019 – Another great event from the TRENDS crew has come and gone.  Great DC event this year yet again.  NAHB seems to be a bit more spread out than the Chicago locations making for a little bit of a different feel than the previous event, lot of room for meeting and side conversations, so it was a great venue for association folks to have conversations with consultants, database companies and others that were there to show off what they do and meet with customers and prospects.  Our Founder and CEO Benjamin Muscolino was there representing AMS Jobs and AMS Geek as usual and had this to say, “they keep it moving.  The flow is great, there’s plenty of breaks but the content keeps coming.  The sessions aren’t so long that you feel like you’re missing a lot if you skip one though.  Brit and the TRENDS team put a lot of though in to making the schedules, you can tell”.

With the presence of most of the industry leading AMS database solutions along with top consultants like Wes from EDM and Gretchen from DelCor, it’s clear that this was the place to be this week.  Of course, Ben made sure to find a few selfie opportunities so we’ve included a picture from the event for you to enjoy.

Our CEO Ben has been involved with AMS Fest from its inception, even presenting on integration QBQ’s at the DC event in years past.  If you’re ever trying to reach us the week of AMS Fest, buy a ticket and meet us there, we will continue to be there..