AMS Geek is Giving Away an AMS Integration with Outlook


Today AMS Geek, a brand of AssociationWire LLC, announced that to kick the year off right and in gratitude for all of the success they had in 2020.  The consulting company will begin offering a free integration with one of the AMS systems they work with periodically throughout the year, according to Brett Dangle, Sales and Brand Coordinator for the portfolio of companies.  The first AMS Integration they are offering is an integration between Outlook and YourMembership, a Community Brands membership management product.  Founder and CEO of AMS Geek, Ben Muscolino, commented “We have a lot of happy YourMembership customers and these integrations aren’t expensive but they create a lot of efficiency in these org’s.  So, after a tough year for a lot of people, we want to offer something that makes their life a little easier, and do it for free.”