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What does AMS mean?

AMS = Association Management System(s). It is an entire multi-billion dollar industry of technology solutions that make of the tech-stack of systems that nonprofits and associations use to run their businesses. This includes Content Management Systems, Learning Management Systems, Survey software, Traditional AMS/Database CRM applications, Board Management software, Voting applications, Fundraising and Donor Management systems, Community and Collaboration applications and much more...

Do we really need an AMS?

It's 2019... whether you have a trade association that does $300 million in revenue, or $100k annually in fundraising from a charity golf tournament and a hand full of donors, you should be using software to manage your customer (member/donor) data. There are good systems to fit any complexity or budget these days.

How often should we replace our AMS?

That's a complicated questions with a lot of QBQ's, but the answer is, you should always be shopping and you should always be reinvesting back in to adoption and refinement of your current systems. If you do that well and document your use cases for any enhancements, you may not need to change systems very often at all.

Is it easy to Implement an AMS?

Well, it depends on a million other questions; and who you ask.. If you really want to know, give us a call and we'll introduce you to some of our customers to discuss it. We also have Geeks on our team that have worked at nonprofits and associations and they are always happy to share their experiences and stories about implementing new systems when they were in your shoes..

AMS Geek

What does AMS Geek do?

Consulting for nonprofits and associations around your data and digital strategy. That includes building integrations, custom software development, consulting to help you pick the best systems and get the best deals for your organization, help with contracts, Project Management and general consulting, etc. You know, the usual..

How do you price an Integration between our AMS'?

Usually it's a fixed cost solution, unlike general consulting and project planning or project management, which is tracked on a Time & Materials (T&M) basis traditionally.

Are you really a bunch of Geeks?

#PrettyMuch - We have all kinds of Geeks though. We have Geeks like our CEO who is always geeking-out about all things nonprofit and association-tech, knows the market trends, the key players and the strategy from every angle, then there's our Tech-Geeks who will build you a custom integration before you can even say "hey that's my data! When did that get there?", or the rest of the Geeks that used to work at nonprofits and now get to support multiple groups at one time with all of their lessons learned. Yeah, we love what we do, and are total AMS Geeks..