Sponsoring AMS Fest Virtually in 2020 x 2

AMS Fest this year was a bit different for everyone due to the pandemic. To say the least, Association TRENDS still pulled through and made this event just as fun and memorable as the others in the past. AMS Geek is a proud sponsor of AMS Fest in 2020 at both events in July and November. Benjamin Muscolino, Founder & CEO of AMS Geek, led a cohort allowing him to share his wealth of knowledge alongside other industry leaders. Over the years, Mr. Muscolino has been an active attendee, member, and sponsor of these events. This year was especially exciting as Craig Peake, Sr. Director & Enterprise Manager, was in attendance for his first appearance as part of the AMS Geek team.

Although the event was held virtually, we were able to “meet-up” with many of our friends in the space, see live demos of multiple AMS’, share our experiences with other fellow consultants, and learn about new and innovative technologies that are up and coming in the market. We are super excited in continuing to sponsor and be a part of future AMS Fest’s!